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Re: Installing from Live CD is the new black?

> Will this be restored for F11?


> It was very helpful when using a usb medium to install from.

If you could describe the problem  you're having with the new mechanism
and USB disks, I can work on fixing it in time for F11.  It may even be
fixable for F10 with an updates.img.  I'd be interested to see what
you're doing and exactly how it's going wrong.

> Btw. shouldn't it be mentioned in the release notes? It is imho 
> big change in anaconda.
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-
> notes/f10/en_US/What_is_New_for_Installation_and_Live_Images.html#sn-
> Changes_in_Anaconda

Yes, it most certainly should have, and that's probably my fault.  As
Jesse stated, it is at least mentioned in the install guide:


I probably got confused about where and how many times that needed to be
described.  Sorry.

- Chris

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