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Re: Debugging sound volume problem

Jerry James wrote:
How do I debug a sound volume problem?  With F-9 I had no audio
issues, but with F-10, I have to turn my speakers all the way up and
the desktop volume control all the way up to hear anything.  It's
still too quiet even so.  I've got one of those motherboards with
everything but the kitchen sink built in, including the audio.  The
manual doesn't say what it is, but /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 claims
it is a Realtek ALC888.  Any ideas on how I should determine the
source of the problem?

Incidentally, I also checked with a pair of headphones to make sure it
isn't a problem with the speakers.  The headphones are also too quiet.
 I also had my wife check in case the problem is with my personal
audio equipment.  She also agrees that the sound is too quiet. :-)

This script is handy for debugging. Its a good place to start anyway. You might run this with both the F9 kernel and an F10 kernel and see if there are any obvious differences in the output.


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