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Re: Debugging sound volume problem

On Thu, 11.12.08 20:59, Jerry James (loganjerry gmail com) wrote:

> How do I debug a sound volume problem?  With F-9 I had no audio
> issues, but with F-10, I have to turn my speakers all the way up and
> the desktop volume control all the way up to hear anything.  It's
> still too quiet even so.  I've got one of those motherboards with
> everything but the kitchen sink built in, including the audio.  The
> manual doesn't say what it is, but /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 claims
> it is a Realtek ALC888.  Any ideas on how I should determine the
> source of the problem?
> Incidentally, I also checked with a pair of headphones to make sure it
> isn't a problem with the speakers.  The headphones are also too quiet.
>  I also had my wife check in case the problem is with my personal
> audio equipment.  She also agrees that the sound is too quiet. :-)

Unfortunately the ALSA mixers are not in all cases properly
initialized by default yet. For cases where this went wrong, you can
use "alsamixer -c0" to play around with the mixer at the lowest level.


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