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Re: gallery2 outstanding security bugs -- Abondoned by Berninger?

> "Jon Ciesla" <limb jcomserv net> writes:
>>> (Yes, I know libjpeg upstream is kinda moribund, but if you want new
>>> features in it you should be trying to revive upstream development,
>>> not strongarm the Fedora package maintainer to take over development.)
>> I agree strongly with that principle.  Two questions:
>> A. What has been done thusfar WTR reviving upstream development?
> Well, at one point I had more or less formally blessed Guido Vollbeding
> as the new lead maintainer, but if he's actually put out a release I
> haven't heard about it :-(.  You could try bugging the people associated
> with the sourceforge libjpeg project.

CCing them.  libjpeg SourceForge team, what is the current status of
libjpeg development?

>> B. In the meantime, how should I support jpegtran?  Bundle a custom
>> binary
>> in the subpackage and patch the module, or let it sit with known partial
>> functionality?
> The right fix would be to pester upstream to not depend on nonstandard
> functionality, but with no active upstream on that side either, I'm not
> sure what you do about it :-(.  How critical is that particular
> functionality to gallery2, anyway?  If you could just dike it out that
> would seem to be an appropriate short-term fix.

Not critical at all, AFAICT.  I'll have a look-see.

>> On a tangential note IIRC this patch is in Debian's libjpeg, not that
>> that
>> should be any sort of guideline for us, I'm just putting it out there.
> Yeah, Debian seems to have no qualms about carrying big patches without
> any upstream connection ...

No comment. :)

> 			regards, tom lane

in your fear, speak only peace
in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie

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