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Re: Perseus Digital Library?

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Kevin Kofler wrote:
Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

Texts are licensed under the Creative Commons NonCommercial
ShareAlike 3.0 license

That is clearly not OK for Fedora (it's non-Free), nor is it Open Source (in
the sense defined by the OSI).

Complain to them about diluting the term "Open Source".

Kevin Kofler

Indeed it's not. The ability for Linux to be used commercially is one of it's primer drivers of awesomeness. I would suspect they /could/ be educated about changing this if shown the benefits. (Future custom live spin for academic use easily distributable to libraries? I don't know as I'm not familiar with the app).

Incidentally, the Creative Commons has a survey up here, incidentally, that folks ought to way in on if you do license CC works. It's a bit long:


The issues for writers and photographers and such can be slightly different from those of software developers, so I'd encourage those with an interest in the CC to way in.

Suppose this were available as a Fedora RPM. Would we want to include the texts or not, if we could get truly open licensing agreements?

I'm not sure what issues they face with the texts themselves, but these are the same critical texts found in books that you can buy in the book store.


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