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Re: Usage of %{__macros} in our .specs?

On Wed December 17 2008, Martin Sourada wrote:

> I've been told, by an upstream developer of one of the packages I
> maintain, that I/we should use e.g. %{__make} instead of make in
> our .spec files in order to have our packages more compatible/portable.

Can you please exlain in more detail, why this is more compatible/portable? 
Everyone can just adjust the PATH variable if some other make command is 
desired. But why should it be?

> I haven't found any guideline regarding this and our packages seem to
> wary in the way they use it. Should there be any guideline or
> recommendation created for it? What do others think about it?

I do not want my fingers to fall of when I write spec files, therefore I am 
against using these macros, but everyone is free to use them afaik.


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