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Re: Futuer of grub/grub2 to F11

Jochen Schmitt wrote:
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> Hallo,
> nowaday I have read in the german fedora forum, that grub is not able
> to handle
> ext4 file systems. 

Just for the record; there is an ext4 patch for grub available; grub
certainly *could* support ext4, and likely will.

> In opposite grub2 should be able to support ext4.
> Because Fedora/Red Hat is a leader of development of the ext4 file
> system, I want to
> ask about the plan for ext4 on F11 or F12.

ext4 has been in since F9; it is gaining steam and will likely have very
strong support in F11.

> Because, I'm assume, that you don't want to patch grub for ext4, 

Why assume that? :)  Which version of grub we use, and whether we
support ext4 for /boot, reallly don't have to be related questions, I think.


> you
> have to migrate
> to grub2 if you want to support ext4 on /boot.
> Best Regards:
> Jochen Schmitt

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