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Re: Fedora 10 - Boot Analysis

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Jerry Amundson wrote:
>> On Wed December 17 2008 13:59:14 Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>>> 2008/12/17 Till Maas <opensource till name>:
>>>> They may also require /usr/bin/sendmail, e.g.:
>>> I think for the purposes of the discussion... anything which provides
>>> that file is something Behdad is going to rage madly against "needing"
>>> in modern personal desktop experience default install target.
>> Rightly so, I think. For the 'modern personal desktop' (hope I used
>> the correct quotes there :-), the critical system messages deserve to
>> be delivered to the active (or soon to be) desktop, rather than a
>> passive log file.
> What does that mean?  Has Linux stopped being a multiuser system?

You're sounding like a troll now.  The phrase "modern personal desktop" was
quite twice in the two-paragraph you replied to.

Just install the server spin and be happy.  What's wrong with that?


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