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Re: Stability and Release Cycles - An Idea

Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy nobugconsulting ro> wrote:


> I fail to see why no update at all is a better policy than "we update
> what we can when we can, but we no longer officially support this vesion
> of the distribution. Please understand that you are in uncharted
> territory, we'll try to help as much as we can but you might be better by
> simply upgrading to a newer distro."

Because upgrading gives you some assurance that the stuff you depend on
_will_ be maintained. "Perhaps glaring problems will be fixed. Probably
not. If your box gets broken into, tough luck" is _not_ what I would like
people to take home as "Linux experience". Because "But I got it from
Fedora's site! They even shipped an update last month!!" /makes/ Fedora (at
least morally) liable if it goes bad.

Besides, keeping old stuff around for ages /is/ a resource commitment. For
no good reason, even.
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