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Re: Licensing issue

> On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 14:13 -0600, Jon Ciesla wrote:
>> Roundcubemail, at one time, conatined some PHP-licensed PEAR pieces,
>> which
>> are already in Fedora.  When I first got the package into Fedora, I
>> stripped those out of the upstream tarball.  A release later, upstream
>> removed them.  Then, a release after that, they put them back and I
>> failed
>> to notice.  I've corrected this in the current Fedora builds, and will
>> do
>> Bodhi releases, as well as EPEL builds.  Do we need to pull the
>> roundcubemail-0.1-0.8rc2.1 builds and SRPMS, or is the presence of the
>> roundcubemail-0.1-0.9rc2.1 builds sufficient?
> No, just fix the issue with updated packages for all relevant targets
> and try to get upstream to understand why we're pulling this code out in
> the first place.

Ok, thanks, will do.  Maybe at the same time, they can repond to my
inquiries about:


While I'm at it, maybe I'll get a unicorn, a Prius and $2m.

> ~spot

novus ordo absurdum

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