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Re: Firefox and Epiphany crash after today's updates

On 2008/02/02 11:38 (GMT+0100) Nicolas Mailhot apparently typed:

> Le samedi 02 février 2008 à 02:51 -0500, Felix Miata a écrit :

>> The switch regarding mainstream mozilla apps is ancient history,

> Mozilla can do whatever it wants on systems with no clear conventions,
> on Linux desktops where everything is in pt it should respect the system
> conventions. There's one thing worse than a bad convention it's a
> smartass that ignores it when everyone else follows the rule.

I merely stated a fact. I suggest complaints about this particular fact in
this forum are but a rhetorical waste of time, particularly under the
existing thread topic.

Maybe to avoid this particular problem Gnome should create or adopt a browser
that uses a different rendering engine. Then too there's the enigmatic
Epiphany. Can't it be made to adopt the Gnome settings instead of having its
own font pref panel?
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