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Re: Creating live USB keys in Windows

Luke Macken wrote:

So, I wrote some code that will install a Fedora Live ISO onto a USB
stick, in Windows.

It automatically detects all removable drives, finds your ISO, extracts
it to your USB key, tweaks the syslinux.cfg, and installs the

From a user perspective, using it is pretty simple:
- download fedora
- download and extract livecd-iso-to-usb.zip
- drag fedora iso into directory
- double click 'livecd-iso-to-usb.exe'
- ...profit!

It works but there could be a few things smoothen out. Since it is a command line app, there isn't any time to see a confirmation of success and the window automatically closes.

If you attempt to write again, the file overwrite options don't make it clear that the USB has already been setup unlike when you run in Fedora. If it is FAT16 formatted, the command bails out and doesn't provide any choices. It claims NTFS is unrecognized and only works well with FAT32. A graphical app would be way better if it can be done but a very good start nevertheless. Congrats.


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