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Installing openoffice.org-voikko: unopkg fails if OO.o is running


(I've CC'd Caolan since he does a lot of OO.o things, but the discussion 
should probably happen on a public list.)

I've recently added a new package, openoffice.org-voikko, to all currently 
active Fedora versions. The CVS dir is at 
<http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/rpms/openoffice.org-voikko/>. The 
package should be in Rawhide and in updates-testing now.

I just happened to test installing this package while having OO.o Writer 
running and the unopkg installation fails. It's 
running '/usr/lib/openoffice.org/program/unopkg 
add --shared %{_libdir}/voikko.uno.pkg -env:JFW_PLUGIN_DO_NOT_CHECK_ACCESSIBILITY=1 || :' 
and it fails with:
"You need to close the already opened Extension Manager to continue.

ERROR: Lock file indicates that a concurrent Office process is running!

unopkg failed.

Installed: openoffice.org-voikko.i386 0:2.1-1.fc8"

As you can see, the RPM installation succeeds anyway and the files are on the 
filesystem. But I was thinking that a regular user won't probably even see 
the unopkg error when using pirut or a similar GUI.

The F-8 spec file is at 

So is there a way of making the RPM installation fail if unopkg fails - and if 
there is, should it be done that way? The other idea I have in mind is adding 
a README.Fedora file or something similar, which would document how to 
run 'unopkg add' if openoffice.org-voikko doesn't show up on OO.o even when 
the package is installed.

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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