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Re: Firefox and Epiphany crash after today's updates

On 2008/02/02 17:00 (GMT+0100) Martin Sourada apparently typed:

> On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 08:30 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

>> My question had two parts. Neither of you addressed part two at all, and you
>> only half addressed part one. What apps (not DTEs) will display discrete
>> sizes regardless of DPI for 7.2pt, 7.7pt, 8pt, 8.3pt, 8.6pt, 9pt, 9.5pt,
>> etc.? http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/Font/font-rounding.html

> When I don't know, I try. Firefox does not seem to be taking it with
> such good precision as 0.1 pt (as might look at the page suggest),
> however OO.org does (see attached screen-shot). And it is pretty much
> the same when you play with the settings and look at the (shorter)
> preview in the appearances caplet in advanced font settings (I did this
> for sizes ranging from 8.0 pt to 9.0 pt and there are at least 6 notable
> changes during the change for 98 DPI), so I believe pretty every gnome
> app would use correct size, even if it is beyond screen resolution.

> So this part of your question could be answered completely: yes, GNOME
> fully supports discrete sizes regardless DPI.

I don't believe there's any direct connection between the issue of whether
Gnome/GTK supports fractional pt sizes and the fractional pt sizes OO.org
obviously supports. Unless I missed a change in recent years that's also
missing from http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Font-HOWTO/notgood.html#xorg OO.org
handles fonts independently from whatever DTE it's run under, or xft or
fontconfig setup.

So the question remains, what, if any, (GTK or QT) apps support fractional pt
sizes on screen?
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