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Re: yum and yum-updatesd in Rawhide

Le dimanche 03 février 2008 à 10:38 -0900, Jeff Spaleta a écrit :

> If we continue to require that groups don't overlap like this,

We don't. I removed the overlap check from our comps filter last year
because the list was getting too long, no one cared and it was drowning
other error messages.

>  But for a groupremove command to work,
> rationally, there has to be some extra information tracked about why a
> package was installed, so when its uninstalled as part of a
> groupremove, its not uninstalled if it belongs to another installed
> group. 

In other words another database somewhere. Which the yum/rpm developpers
are deeply afraid of.

Like rpm grouping, metadata translation handling, etc installation
source tracking is something that should be implemented properly someday
but is indefinitely postoned because it's so invasive. I just hope it
finaly happens.

Nicolas Mailhot

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