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Re: yum and yum-updatesd in Rawhide

On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 22:10 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le dimanche 03 février 2008 à 10:38 -0900, Jeff Spaleta a écrit :

> >  But for a groupremove command to work,
> > rationally, there has to be some extra information tracked about why a
> > package was installed, so when its uninstalled as part of a
> > groupremove, its not uninstalled if it belongs to another installed
> > group. 
> In other words another database somewhere. Which the yum/rpm developpers
> are deeply afraid of.

We're not 'afraid' of another database we just don't want to see a
proliferation of metadata being strewn all over the place and having the
same data being duplicated by apt,smart, yum, etc, etc. Not to mention
trying to keep it in sync.

Now, a week ago I posted a additional-metadata patch to yum-devel which
does exactly what you're talking about. Jeremy was pretty fiercely
against it b/c it means we're keeping metadata on installed pkgs outside
of the rpmdb. I've talked to Panu and he's not too terribly keen on
letting just arbitrary data get added, if only b/c of what that can mean
for busting up the rpmdb and for debugging.

So, that's the hangup. Unless there's something imminent arriving I'm
inclined to fix up the additional-metadata patch a bit more and merge
it. Maybe redoing it so the data is kept somewhere other
than /var/lib/yum/yumdb in hopes that other apps can write to/from it.

I'll talk to Panu and see what he thinks.

Nicholas, in the future, please don't speak as if you're representing
yum or rpm developers. 


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