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Re: yum and yum-updatesd in Rawhide

On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 10:38 -0900, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> The underlying problem here is that we used the simplest approach to
> uninstalling that doesn't take into account whether a package is part
> of another 'installed' group (whatever that means). Since we don't
> keep track of the context of the install operation...was it installed
> as part of a group install operation, explicitly requested by a user
> for install, or dragged in to fill a dep, other crap like that...
> we've no way to account for that context in the remove operation.  So
> all removes are equal.

All removes are equal, yes. Think about it like a filesystem 'rm'
command. Should the rm command fail to work b/c someone still has the
file open read-only? Should it fail to work if you recently modified the

I bet I could find a number of people who would say yes to both of the

That doesn't mean I think it is right, though.

I personally think implementing do-what-I-mean functionality is
dangerous, especially so in a package manager.


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