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Re: yum and yum-updatesd in Rawhide

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 23:42:05 -0800
Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:

Perhaps the only good solution to that is to have two groupremoves...
one that removes the *unique group members* and one that removes the
*entire group*.  I cannot think of any reason there would be the need
for additional interpretations of groupremove.

yum groupremove --all or --force

groupremove by default removes entities that are only found in said
group and not in other groups or required by things in other groups.
Least surprise.  --all or --force will remove all entities in said
group regardless of overlapping members.

I think that would be a good change to make, and would certainly be a better safeguard for users only working in an interface to yum who might not understand groups overlap at all.

A new user would expect that when they install a group, whatever got added will be what goes away when they remove the group. The group install and group remove are reasonably expected to be inverses. An additional 'yeah I want to nuke it' flag would be great for this.

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