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Re: yum and yum-updatesd in Rawhide

seth vidal wrote:
So let me add my 2c here.

1. James is 100% correct
2. the groupremove-do-what-I-mean-not-what-I-said mode will NOT be added
to yum.

Very well, I guess that is final enough, but...

Frankly I fail to see what is not well defined about the secondary understanding of what removing a group is. By definition "do what I want not what I say" makes the assumption that what is being asked for is not clear...

There is absolutely no decision making or black box logic within yum needed to make this happen... what is necessary is *another command doing something similar to groupremove* with a slightly different definition. That is all. There is no do what I want. There is only do what I say.

In short, you have said something I do not want will not be implemented.

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