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Re: Packaging: name changes?

Jarod Wilson wrote:

> On Wednesday 06 February 2008 04:13:38 am Kevin Kofler wrote:

>> Please don't BR kdelibs-devel or kdebase-devel (at least not in the
>> current transition period), instead BR kdelibs3-devel/kdebase3-devel for
>> KDE 3 or kdelibs4-devel/kdebase4-devel (or kdebase-workspace-devel if
>> that's what the package needs, kdebase has been split) for KDE 4. The
>> kdelibs/kdebase packages have the appropriate Provides to make this work.
> Ooh, shiny. When did that start being the case? 

for starters, see:

I'm sure we could to a better job of documenting this in the fedora/wiki

> >Also, is that the case for 
> RHEL, for the benefit of those who might also want to builds their stuff
> for EPEL?

No, but if you ask Than real nicely, I'd hope he'd add the appropriate
Provides: in RHEL packaging someday too. :)

-- Rex

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