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Re: call for brave ext4 testers in F9, with caveats

Josh Boyer wrote:
On Wed, 06 Feb 2008 16:31:30 -0600
Eric Sandeen <sandeen redhat com> wrote:

Eric Sandeen wrote:

You can explicitly mount it as -t ext4dev, and the next file created
will make a non-backwards-compatible change when it writes in extent
format.  From then on, it's an "ext4dev" filesystem with mostly
non-extent ext3 files on it.  :)
Oh, and getting some airtime on that configuration *would* be good, too.

What's the likelyhood of it being yanked in F9 final?  I'd hate to
switch over and then have F9 final say "you're stupid wtf is this


You could just test with filesystems other than /home, and plan on being able to reinstall the others and keep home. (in the event something goes wrong, or just to clean up the system to F9 final when its released, either way)

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