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Re: Head Up: Prepare for dropping fuse group in the nearest future

Warren Togami wrote:
Peter Lemenkov wrote:
Hello All!

Due to landing of upcoming Gnome release in Fedora 9 I decided to drop
fuse group.

The main reason is that future Gnome VFS will use fuse as a backend,
and we wil be forced to add all users into fuse group (if we allow
them to use Gnome VFS) what will made the existence of fuse group

Any objections?

Is it really necessary to drop the fuse group for GNOME to do what it wants to do? Sounds like it wont be.

Technically yes. Though I think the real issue is that it's necessary to drop the point of having the fuse group in the first place to do this. (i.e. let all users have access to what fuse does (suid) by default). Which seems to be worthy of discussion, since obviously there was some perceived benefit of structuring it that way in the first place.


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