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Re: comaintainership

Christoph Höger wrote:
So my idea was to become something like a comaintainer for stable
I'm cool with that and help is welcome. I think I should do a CVS change
request to get you in as a co-maintainer?

cvsextras commit is enabled so as soon as you find a sponsor you can
start committing.

Ok, how do I do that, start a "want a sponsor request" on this list?

Hi Cristoph, I'm willing to sponsor you so that you can work on this package. We don't have a procedure to do this specific thing yet (sponsorship of someone into cvsextras so they can commit to a single package) so either find me on IRC (abadger1999 on fedora-devel) or send me an email offlist and I'll help get you setup.

You will need to follow some of the existing process. Specifically, get a FAS account and sign the CLA as outlined here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/Join

I'll serve as your sponsor as outlined in the "Get Sponsored" section.


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