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F9 Alpha Observations

1 - The install itself was fine, except once it go to installing the
packages.  That step took around 2 hours for 900 packages, which this
being the plain ole default install that is suggested, and customization
done later.

2 - radeonhd xorg driver was not installed by default, therefore x
locked up when trying to start.  Had to manually change xorg.conf to
vesa driver to get it running.  Installed radeonhd after and using it
now, and so far it works, and recognized monitor.  Card is x1300 and
monitor is HP w1907.

3 - FF3 beta 2 that comes with it, seems to open with a home page of
www.s.com and I have already setup preferences to my own home page.  I
can't find the reference to www.s.com at all.  Although, if I click the
home button, it will go to my home page.

4 - Maybe not Fedora's problem, maybe so, but flash from adobe doesn't
seem to be recognized by FF3 beta 2.  Not sure if java is either?  I
didn't even see a plugins dir in /usr/lib/firefox neither. about:plugins
only shows adobe reader stuff and that's it.

5 - When trying to set system time and pick weather info, on system time
it asks to authenticate, so I put in root password and it just blinks at
me and asks again.  Never lets me pick to set time to another
computer/location or anything.

6 - Nodoka theme icons seem to be missing, or couple anything.  The main
menu bar (blue f) and xchat are ones that I see missing.

Can't think of anything else at the moment, as did this couple days ago.
And haven't bugzilla'd any of these as wanted to see if already known or
whatever first.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"The best lil town on Earth!"

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