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Re: to autodownload or not to autodownload

On Feb 8, 2008 5:29 PM, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:

> The irony is that your message comes stuffed into a VCALENDAR file produced by
> Google Calendar. Look at the mailing list archives to see what a mess that is:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2008-February/msg00492.html
> That's a perfect example of why you shouldn't use Google for everything. Please
> send plain-text mail next time!

I use Google and my messages don't come out as calendars.  There's a
button that I can click that would make them so, but I don't click
that button.  Don't blame the service for what is entirely in control
of the user.  They happen to have a great mail platform that I really
like (I also have Google Apps for your Domain doing my personal
domain's e-mail).  I only somewhat agree with the online desktop
thing.  Here's why I don't agree:

1)  There are no free (speech) alternatives right now.  Such free
alternatives would likely not be free (beer) since someone has to pay
for the bandwidth, as has been mentioned before.  In exchange for a
little bit of non-intrusive advertising, I get free (beer).  Not
nearly as good as free (speech,beer), but still acceptable (to me).

2)  The service holding all of this together in Mugshot, which is free

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