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Heads-Up! (ots 0.5.0, API/ABI Changes)

Hi, all.

I just pushed ots 0.5.0-1 through Koji for Devel and it should hit
tomorrow's Rawhide push.

This new version bumps the library soname (libots-1.so.0.4.2 -->
libots-1.so.0.5.0), so anything that uses it will need to be rebuilt.

Also, please note that there are some changes within its public API. In
addition to some new functions which have been added since 0.4.2, the
following functions have changed their parameter from (const char*) to
(unsigned const char*); and a type-cast should probably be sufficient
fix for any errors caused therefrom:
      * ots_append_word
      * ots_add_wordstat
      * ots_load_xml_dictionary
      * ots_stem_strip
      * ots_stem_format

According to repoquery, the only package in Fedora which depends on ots
is AbiWord. I've submitted bug 432147 which contains a fix as noted to
build against the new ots. 

Please don't hesitate to poke me incessantly with any
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
GnuPG Public Key ID: 0xFFC19479 / Fingerprint:
  DD68 A414 56BD 6368 D957 9666 4268 CB7A FFC1 9479

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