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Education SIG

Hi everybody,

Recently, I posted here concerning an education SIG - now, here is my formal proposal for it.
Do you have any suggestions and does this sound acceptable? If there are no contradictions, I could also create a wiki page.

By the way: Maybe this could be mentioned in the FWN and some people could also blog about this...


= Fedora Education SIG =

== General Mission Statement ==

The project aims to optimize Fedora for use at universities and schools as well as for education usage by schoolers or students. That includes, but is not limited to:
* create and maintain a [:SebastianDziallas/Education:Fedora Education Spin] as CD

* try to get more educational packages included into Fedora

* coordinate the different efforts within the Fedora project

The Fedora Education Spin is the number one goal right now and includes software to use it as a terminal server client. In parallel some SIG members work in integrating K12LTSP into Fedora. Once that work is finished it remains to be seen if we integrate that work into the Fedora Education Spin. Due to space constrains we might choose to start and maintain a second spin as DVD. That could contains more education software and all the K12LTSP packages (including the bits to set up a K12LTSP server).

== Plan of Action ==

Short term plans:

* form this SIG

* get people together in one palace and discuss how to move on. A dedicated [http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-education-list Fedora Education List] exists already and we'll likely reuse it for this SIG. Maybe a IRC meeting now and then might be a could idea as well.

* get the Fedora Education Spin finished, tested and approved by rel-eng and the board as official spin.

= Joining the SIG=
Joining the Education SIG is dead simple: Just add your name below and start communicating with the rest of the members (right now we discuss the spin on fedora-devel-list). If you are not yet a Fedora contributor yet you need to become a member of the cla_done group in the Fedora accounts system; that way you'll get access to the wiki.

== Members ==

* [:SebastianDziallas:Sebastian Dziallas]

= External references =

There are educational projects by other distributions, mainly

* the openSUSE project. [http://opensuse-education.org/ Here] is the educational page. You might also want to have a look at their [http://en.opensuse.org/Education wiki].

* Debian with [http://skolelinux.org/ Skolelinux] and [http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu DebianEdu].

* Ubuntu and their [http://edubuntu.com/ Edubuntu] version.

* the GNOME project, who are currently preparing a [http://live.gnome.org/GnomeScienceCD GNOME Science CD].

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