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K12Linux Re: Education SIG

Hmm... I had already begun working on integrating K12LTSP with a target of Fedora 9. LTSP enables terminal server and thin client capability just like Edubuntu server or the older K12LTSP. Also in my plans were to simply make a yum group for other Educational software to make it easy to install from Add/Remove Software or PackageKit, or to include in any spin. It sounds like you are working on the latter part of this.

Might it be confusing to users to have both a "K12Linux" and "Education" spin?

Eric Harrison and I plan on reusing k12linux.org for the home page of this, and retiring the old K12LTSP name. K12Linux will be an official sub-project under the Fedora umbrella, built entirely out of Fedora components so it qualifies to be an official spin. Users may either install it with yum groupinstall from any existing Fedora, or install from the K12Linux spin media.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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