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Re: a plan for updates after end of life

Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:


> I don't agree that is better.  What i think is better is timely
> notification of state of branches and packages so users and admins can
> take action as they see fit to either help by participating in the
> maintainence burden, or choosing to uninstall the package based on the
> knowledge that its out of maintainence, or making an informed choice
> to live with the risks.  Right now users who continue to use Fedora
> beyond stated EOL are making an informed choice to do so.  In fact we
> tell them early enough about the timeframe that its a planned informed
> choice.   Its not the choice I would make... but it is an informed
> choice and we aren't surprising them.

Sorry to disagree, but I've seen users of Red Hat 7.3 who are completely
oblivious to the fact that there will be no more updates to the
distribution. And others who never bothered to update anything at all.

In my (limited) experience, people don't update unless it happens
automatically, or something important breaks visibly.

Getting people to find out that something is EOL is not easy. Mostly they
get a new machine and install what is the latest fad then.
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