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Re: Weird VNC problems with keyboard layout

Am Samstag, den 09.02.2008, 15:35 +0100 schrieb Tim Niemueller:
> Hi all.
> I have really weird problems with VNC, using different servers,
> different clients, but every combination has the very same symptoms.
> I'm using a German localized Gnome, with the German keyboard layout. Now
> if I connect to any remote VNC I cannot type many "special" characters.
> This means umlauts as well as regular charaters like a dash (and / being
> Shift+6). It is not that it is just an English keyboard layout but it
> doesn't seem to be any meaningful keyboard setup that I know. In the
> beginning for example I ended up copying dashes for commands until I
> figured out how to solve this. And this is even more weird: I added the
> US English keyboard layout additionally to the German one. Then I added
> the Gnome keyboard applet to my panel. If I now start the VNC
> connection, and then switch to "USA" for this window it works, and it
> works with the German layout! So then I'm able to type all characters
> including Umlauts, although the keyboard layout for this window is set
> to US English.
> As server I have used an Vine Server for OS X (also known as OSXVnc) as
> well as a Qemu-VM started using virt-manager. Clients have been
> tightvnc, realvnc, virt-viewer and vinagre (last two then accounting as
> gtk-vnc). The system is an F-8 machine. I just found out about this fix
> while testing F9Alpha in a VM...
> Does anybody know what's going wrong here? Has anybody experienced
> similar problems? I don't even know what I would file a bug against.
> Because so many programs are affected I'd expect that this is some kind
> of Gnome infrastructure problem?
> Astonished,
> 	Tim
> -- 
>     Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>      www.niemueller.de
> =================================================================
>  Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

Hi Tim,

just checked F8 -> F7 using vino. Everything fine.
I'm going to test F8 -> Debian tomorrow. But thats all I have ;)



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