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Re: iometer for Fedora?

On 10.02.2008 16:47, Ian Weller wrote:
> On 2/10/08, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
>> I created a iometer ( http://www.iometer.org/ ) RPM at work for our
>> internal repo. Is anybody interested in it? Then I'll submit it to
>> Fedora (if the license is fine for Fedora, but on the first sight it
>> looks like it). But I currently think that's not worth the trouble, because
>> - iometer upstream seems really quiet (not really dead yet, but also
>> definitely not really active)
> If you want, I can go ahead and submit it for you.

Well, I can do it myself if there really are people interested in it.
That's why I asked here ;-)

>> - one afaics needs the windows version as frontend to use the linux version
> hmm? explain this please...

"Please notice, that this list covers the Dynamo part only. The GUI
itself is available for Windows on IA32 / IA64 only!"


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