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Re: Orphaning packages: athcool, gajim, htop, hunky-fonts, inotify-tools, python-sqlite2, qps, yakuake

Benjamin Lewis wrote:
On Sunday 10 February 2008 04:46:43 pm Dawid Gajownik wrote:
	Sorry, I have to orphan these packages:

* athcool -- Enables/disables Powersaving mode for AMD processors
* gajim -- Jabber client written in PyGTK
* htop -- Interactive process viewer
* hunky-fonts -- Modified Bitstream Vera fonts with additional letters
* inotify-tools -- Command line utilities for inotify
* python-sqlite2 -- DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLite 3.x
* qps -- Visual process status monitor
* yakuake -- Terminal emulator for KDE

I've never maintained a package before, but i regularly use yakuake, so I may be willing to take this on. Any pointers?


Follow this process and instead of submitting a new package use your Fedora account to log in and apply for ownership of yakuake via


You would need to find a sponsor too. The list of sponsors is linked from



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