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Re: to autodownload or not to autodownload

Hans de Goede wrote:

Ah, comeone "Highlighting the cost is part of the message that codeina
provides to the end users" ?? Thats just plain nonsense, the linking to must pay for codecs in codina is plain and simply _bad_,

Would it ok be if the free MP3 codec stays but rest of them codec links are removed? Again, the fundamental part of codeina is the initial message you get when you play say a MP3 song and not some codec link. Codeina could very well be modified to provide a framework where alternative codec sources can be provided easily by third party repositories for example. Throwing away codeina gets us back to cryptic error messages. Would you consider that better?

 but for some
reason condoned because the codec issue is a big problem for end users, so having some very ugly work around is seen as ok in this situation

True and we don't have any elegant solutions to this problem. It is merely a question of how ugly you want the solution to be.


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