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Re: to autodownload or not to autodownload

Les Mikesell wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:

Ah, comeone "Highlighting the cost is part of the message that codeina
provides to the end users" ?? Thats just plain nonsense, the linking to must pay for codecs in codina is plain and simply _bad_, but for some reason condoned because the codec issue is a big problem for end users, so having some very ugly work around is seen as ok in this situation.

Is there any other alternative for users in areas with software patent laws (besides breaking the law or not using fedora, of course)?

Yes not play patent encumbered formats, just like we don't do hardware 3D accel for nvidea cards, that would be inline with Fedoras founding principles, codina is not!

That translates to not using fedora to me. Or any other OS that tries to intentionally limit what I can do with it. You can't be a dictator when other choices are available.

You either misunderstood me or are deliberately misrepresenthing things here. I'm not saying we should at measures to make it hard(er) for people to use fluendo's codecs, nor am I saying that we should make it hard(er) for people to use nvidia's drivers. I'm merely saying that we should not be pointing the user to fluendo's codecs when playing for example wmv, just like we are not pointing the users to nvidia's drivers when they try to use opengl on an nvidia card.



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