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Re: K12Linux Re: Education SIG

sebastian when com wrote:
Hmm... I had already begun working on integrating K12LTSP with a target of Fedora 9. LTSP enables terminal server and thin client capability just like Edubuntu server or the older K12LTSP.
Well, I don't know, how big this LTSP really is and correct me, if I'm wrong, but I think that with LTSP and further educational applications, we are running into heavy space problems (on cds). I had already problems including the educational software in my kickstart proposal. I think an educational spin could include the possibility to log on to such a terminal server. But I'm not sure, whether a live cd should include a terminal server...

The old LTSP that built an entire distro itself in the chroot wont fit on a CD. But the new LTSP is really only a few megabytes of code on top of regular Fedora.

Also in my plans were to simply make a yum group for other Educational software to make it easy to install from Add/Remove Software or PackageKit, or to include in any spin. It sounds like you are working on the latter part of this.
Good idea! In my opinion, this would also be better than just providing a script on the desktop. +1

Might it be confusing to users to have both a "K12Linux" and "Education" spin?
I think we should discuss, how to go on. You're right: Two spins might be confusing, so we should talk about how to handle this.

But here might be enough space for a cd and a dvd - I would suggest something like: * one version, which includes the terminal server (and which would mainly be used in schools) if we would include the server and serveral edu apps, I would recommend a dvd * another version for the thin clients, which would be just for logging on to the terminal server

Not necessary - think about what thin client means. =)

* a cd, which might be given by teachers to their students (I think pupils don't need to have a terminal server on their local computers) These are just suggestions and I think, we should really discuss how to organize this, so that we don't have several projects all doing the same.

So our two editions would be similar to Ubuntu:
K12Linux Desktop - just the educational desktop apps
K12Linux Server  - Desktop, LTSP, Moodle, DansGuardian, Squidguard, etc.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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