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Re: Any possibility of getting this software installer coded and in fedora (9 or 10)?

Andrew Farris wrote:
Mark wrote:
But for your question. actually: Yes. And why you might wonder. Well
do you know of any RPM frontend that really gives you what you need,
looks good, works stable and is easy to use? some come close (Ubuntu's
Synaptec) but none are as good as they might be if some more time was
spend on the gui. PackageKit is also looking good but i think
something like the mockup (from njpatel) i showed will be way better
to use.

It looks to me like you could just rewrite the frontend of yumex to look just like that. All the functionality is there from what I see in the mockup.

I working all the time to improve to look of yumex and i have seen these mockups before, they look cool, but the problem with these kind of mockups, is that they are hard to build, be cause they are not drawn by the standard gtk theme used in fedora, so when you use the standard widgets to build the same layout, it don't look so sexy. I is also important for an application to fit in with the rest of the system look and have use default font sizes, so people also can read it. I am always open to suggestions to improve the look and functionality of yumex, or even better contributions.

About making a yet another package manager, don't go down on that road, it is a much better idea to work on improving on the one already there
pirut. yumex, PackageKit etc.

PackageKit is a little different than pirut & yumex kind of package manager, it is more like tracker,beagle kind of package manager, there yumex & pirut is move like a file manager kind of package manager.


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