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Re: Proposed features

Thorsten Leemhuis pisze:
On 11.02.2008 08:42, Richard Hughes wrote:
On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 19:14 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
1click install requires only some handler which would be responsible
for repos management and redirecting commands to PackageKit (because
it is our new package manager).
What's the use case? Do repos added as a 1clickinstall click stay
enabled? If not, where do security updates come from?

I added similar comments to the wiki pages (
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JakubRusinek/DRAFT%3A1clickInstall )
yesterday right before Jakub posted his proposal to the list. He
answered in the wiki:

Adding repositories might not be required, but some kind of people don't
know how to install Compiz Fusion/etc. Also, RPM Fusion
(livna+freshrpm+dribble) will be the most popular non-free repo. When
system is installed, first thing they will probably do is installing
codecs. Then someone creates file, which helps install RPM Fusion
repository and ie. gstreamer-plugins-ugly. That's it. Making
installation easier. Also, when someone creates his RPM (not repo),
there will be no need to download it, find and click.

I *currently* tend to think 1click install (with todays rpm/yum) creates
more problems then it solves, but I'm not sure if I understood the whole
concept properly.

Instead of giving yum command, we give them 1click install XML.

Handler checks if repo is installed or not, and then asks questions appropriate to situation.

Instead of giving "yum install compiz-fusion yada yada" we give them XML file, which contains SAME info and requires Fedora repo (could be done without providing repo RPM URL) and makes what user want.

One reasons for that option: I fear that people add many repos (like
different 3rd party repos and/or dedicated opensuse buildsservice repos
for foo or bar) or install selected packages from them that replace
packages from Fedora or their main 3rd party repo. That will quickly
result in repo mixing problems or EVR problems with updates. I'd say
people have enough such problems already.

Then handler should show info about repo.

If user wants 3rd party repo, he will install it anyway, even if it requires downgrading Xorg server etc (see FedoraForum).

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