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Re: Feature Status for Fedora 9 Alpha--Please Help

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 21:16 -0800, John Poelstra wrote:
> Dear Feature Owners,
> The Alpha release for Fedora 9 is scheduled to start on February 5, 
> 2008. As we begin the Alpha for Fedora 9 more attention inside and 
> outside of Fedora will be drawn to on what is coming in Fedora 9.  Here 
> is an opportunity to give everyone a good first impression and provide 
> as much helpful information as we can.

Apologies for the lateness of the reply.  I was very very far away from
email for the last two weeks (LCA followed by vacation).

The X server work for F9 is still a bit in flux, sadly.  I'll update the
feature page as soon as I have a plan for getting it landed, both in F9
and upstream.  With any luck, I'll get up from under the email flood
before the end of today and get a rough cut of the plan.

- ajax

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