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Re: Any possibility of getting this software installer coded and in fedora (9 or 10)?

2008/2/10, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>:
> Did you explain why you need a java api?  Did i miss that?

I thought i told that in my first post but apparently i didn't.
I need java because it's the only decent programming language that i
can do at the moment. I can do php but that isn't good for
applications. Also i could learn Python but i rather skip it all
together and get strait to c and c++ but that won't happen anytime

2008/2/10, Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin ncsu edu>:
> You can pick up python over a weekend if doing it interests you. Make
> sure you get someone to look at your code though, as there's a gap
> between python and good python that a lot of people miss (example: if
> you are using getters and setters, you're doing it wrong).

I don't know python but what's wrong with getters and setters?

2008/2/11, Tim Lauridsen <tim lauridsen googlemail com>:
> I working all the time to improve to look of yumex and i have seen these
> mockups before, they look cool, but the problem with these kind of
> mockups, is that they are hard to build, be cause they are not drawn by
> the standard gtk theme used in fedora, so when you use the standard
> widgets to build the same layout, it don't look so sexy.
> I is also important for an application to fit in with the rest of the
> system look and have use default font sizes, so people also can read it.
> I am always open to suggestions to improve the look and functionality of
> yumex, or even better contributions.

You could make yumex exactly like those mockups and will look that
fancy when a fitting (gtk or qt) system theme is installed. by default
it should adopt the system gtk theme but making theme capabilities for
the application (yumex) itself might be a good idea as well.

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