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Re: Orphaning Packages

Jerry James wrote:
On Feb 11, 2008 11:34 AM, Jon Ciesla <limb jcomserv net> wrote:
On Feb 11, 2008 11:21 AM, Jeffrey Ollie <jeff ocjtech us> wrote:
On 2/11/08, Brian Pepple <bpepple fedoraproject org> wrote:
      * Gramps
I'll take this as well.  Ditto on co-maintainers.
I'd be happy to comaintain gramps.  I know I need to do something in
PackageDB, but I'm fuzzy on the details.  Is this documented on the
wiki somewhere?
Might be, but just log into admin.fp.org/pkgdb, find the package, and Take
Ownership for each active branch, once orphaned.
Although in the case of wesnoth and gramps, it appears that Mr. Togami and
Mr. Ollie have preceded us. :)

I knew Jeffrey Ollie was taking ownership of gramps.  He asked for
comaintainers.  I'm willing, I'm just not sure what that entails
PackageDB-wise.  I presume that I push the "Add myself to package"
button on each active branch, but then what?  Check all of the boxes?
Are the meanings of the checkboxes documented somewhere?

They're not documented to my knowledge.  Here's their meanings:

watchbugzilla: You'll be put on the initialCC list for new bugs
watchcommits: You will receive an email when someone commits to this branch.
commit: You have access to commit to the package in cvs
approveacls: You can approve and deny the any of these acls for other people.

All together, these are the possible actions that the owner of a package has.


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