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Re: Massrebuilds for GCC 4.3 coming soon to a buildsystem near you!

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Fri, 8 Feb 2008 16:02:00 -0500
Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:

I've posted the list at http://jkeating.fedorapeople.org/need43 and
either tonight or tomorrow I'll be setting up a cron job to keep this
list updated once an hour or so (depending on how much it hurts koji,
as there are a lot of queries).

Maintainers are invited to rebuild now, to lower the number of
packages that will get a scripted rebuild by releng later.

We're also still discussing a way to allow maintainers to opt-out of
an autorebuild.

Over the last couple days I've made a few improvements to the script.

A) Skip noarch builds that were imported into koji from Extras/FC6.
B) Include a timestamp at the top (UTC ISO format)
C) Support a blacklist.

It's this last item that I bring to your attention now.  The current
list on my fedorapeople page is accurate as of the time stamp.  If you
wish to have us blacklist one or more of your packages, please mail
rel-eng fedoraproject org with your request and we'll add it to the
blacklist.  (see
http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=releng;a=blob;f=scripts/need-rebuild-gcc43.py;hb=HEAD#l12 )  Future runs of the script will take your request into account remove them from the posted list.

We do ask that you provide some reasoning as to why you wish to
blacklist your build.


I've one question though, from the initial mass rebuild mail I understood that mass rebuilding now is not mandatory, as that rel-eng will fire of a scripted rebuild for gcc 4.3 somewhat later in the cycle. Did I understand this correctly? I have prepared all my packages for a gcc-4.3 rebuild and would rather see them rebuild scripted then having to manually fire of close to 200 rebuilds.

When I say prepared I mean that I've installed gcc-4.3 on both my devel machines the day Jakub posted his don't build with gcc-4.3 list, and in the following weeks fixed all the 45 packages on his list which I ownedd to build with gcc-4.3 and for good measure also a couple of libs used by my packages.

So a scripted rebuild should go smooth and I'll gladly pick up and mend any broken pieces.



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