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Re: package ownership problem

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 16:01:11 +0100, Jochen Schmitt wrote:

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 22:19:11 +0900, you wrote:

You're listed as the owner for devel and F-8 while Jochen is
listed as the owner for F-7. When that was changed like that is
unknown to me. Can't find a pkgdb entry on fedora-extras-commits
about that.
Thanks I've posted a bug report.
I have searched for the review request. As you can see on


I was the initiator of the review request. Of corse you are
invited for comaintainership for this package.

That ticket is from the F-7 timeframe and doesn't tell why/when Marc
became the owner of that package for F-8 and devel.

This problem has been tracked down to the "and" package not being properly fixed up after another package was added to the pkgdb incorrectly. This should be fixed.

Further, watching the "My Packages" page in the PackageDB web ui, it
listed two packages I never owned: evolution-brutus and
telepathy-something where I was added with watch/commit privileges, which
I never had requested myself. I've unchecked the flags.

I recommend every package owner to verify:

This is a bit less clear. You were given comaintainer status on both telepathy-idle and evolution-brutus when the import from owners.list was done. However, owners.list does not list you as a comaintainer. evolution-brutus has a person listed on the initialcc in owners.list that is not in the pkgdb (now fixed). telepathy-idle does not have any comaintainers or initialcc listed in owners.list.

I don't have enough information yet to see any pattern here. If people find more problems on their "My Packages"[1]_ pages I'll be able to look into this further.

.. _[1]: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/users/packages/

Thanks for checking into this!

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