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Re: selinux execmem and sigaltstack

Adam Goode <adam <at> spicenitz.org> writes:
> Now Fedora 9 tightens the default selinux booleans and by default
> mprotect with PROT_EXEC will fail. I want to fix MLton upstream to work

Ouch, executable stacks are evil, the only reason you got away with it until 
now is that it is a custom stack being allocated that way (the system-allocated 
stack falls under "execstack" which is already banned by SELinux, with few 

> correctly. Should I special case systems that require PROT_EXEC? Or is

Maybe the GCC and glibc folks (Jakub Jelinek, Ulrich Drepper, ...) can tell you 
more, but IMHO special-casing the broken systems is the right thing to do if 
you want to get the patch upstream. For a quick fix, in Fedora, you should be 
able to simply patch out the PROT_EXEC entirely, parisc isn't a Fedora 
architecture anyway.

        Kevin Kofler

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