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Re: Massrebuilds for GCC 4.3 coming soon to a buildsystem near you!

>> I've got all mine patched and done for 4.3 but xmoto, which I've got
>> partway fixed but am stuck.  Anyone understand this?
>> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/getfile?taskID=406771&name=build.log
> Scene.o: In function `CollisionSystem::CollisionSystem()':
> Scene.cpp:(.text._ZN15CollisionSystemC1Ev[CollisionSystem::CollisionSystem()]+0xd1):
> undefined reference to `ElementHandler<Entity>::reset()'
> This usually means that the definition of
> class template ElementHandler's member function reset is not included
> in the translation unit, only the declaration.
> Find out where it's defined, and make sure that scene.cpp includes that
> file.

It's defined in Collision.h in the parent directory, and it is included in
Scene.cpp, but I noticed in Scene.h it uses:

#include "Collision.h"

rather than:

#include "../Collision.h"

So I patched that, but it doesn't help.

> -benjamin
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