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Re: Massrebuilds for GCC 4.3 coming soon to a buildsystem near you!

> On 02/13/2008 10:45 AM, Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Attached is a patch which fixes this by un-inlining the Collision
>> constructor. Actually it seems that the best way to fix this is to
>> un-inline all Collision members which use the template and move the
>> template entirely to Collision.cpp
> And since you are using C++, don't hesitate to take advantage of
> initialization list, either.  E.g.:
> +  CollisionSystem::CollisionSystem()
> +     : m_pGrid(NULL), m_bDebugFlag(false)
> +  {
> +  }
> Since you're using templates, it may be a win in this specific case (I
> haven't looked too deeply), but nonetheless it is a good habit to get
> into as it can have performance benefits.  Just make sure you keep the
> list in the same order as declared in the class.

I've applied Hans patch, and it works beautifully.  I've also heard back
from upstream, and they say it's fixed in svn, and a 0.4.1 will be out

Given that, I think I'll forward Christopher's suggestion to upstream, and
wait for 0.4.1.

Thanks everyone!

novus ordo absurdum

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