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Re: INT_MAX undeclared / limits.h (was: Re: Fedora i386 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2008-02-09)

On Wednesday 13 February 2008 11:49:08 Till Maas wrote:
> Is this really a bug in aireplay-ng, i.e. does it have to include limits.h
> where INT_MAX comes from, or is this a bug in some other package? Why was
> it not needed to include limits.h earlier, any ideas?
> Regards,
> Till

GCC4.3 introduces a new header structure that is meant to be more streamlined, 
and therefore more efficient for the preprocessor step of compiling.  This 
means that headers that were once implicitly included (like limits.h) are not 
included anymore, unless they absolutely have to.  Although this is somewhat 
unusual, it is entirely compliant with the C99 and C++98/TR1 standards, and 
it is always a best practice to explicitly include headers.

GCC4.2 had a lot of implicit inclusions, as did earlier versions.  Although it 
is a poor way to write code, a lot of programmers relied on these implicit 
inclusions, and so the migration path to GCC4.3 may be a little rough.

-- Benjamin Kreuter

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