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Re: How important are ISO standards to Fedora?

Rodd Clarkson wrote:
On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 01:51 -0800, Andrew Farris wrote:
I suspect you might not have interpreted Jef's sarcasm quite right, because I don't read him as +1 for changing anything there. Any choice of 'default' in paper sizes would simply be wrong somewhere... the only reasonable thing Fedora 'should' do is choose the most likely default based on locale. Maybe some more work needs done on that (which is a configuration issue).

As far as I'm aware, the installer asks where you live (with regard to
time zones), but given you can select cities on a map, shouldn't this be


Apparently not, as per the existence of this thread. ;) But seriously, you don't need to select a city to set the timezone, and a timezone can (and does) overlap with countries that would have differing standards for paper size... selecting a city should be enough, if thats required to set locale (timezone) but it needs to also coordinate with the rest of the system rather than just time. I don't know if its being done right now, as what happens for US English in PST timezone handles my needs.

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