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Re: pulseaudio causing crashing of applications

On Wed, 13.02.08 16:12, Les Mikesell (lesmikesell gmail com) wrote:

>> As we get more familiar with making HAL/CK policy edits, these sorts
>> of questions will lose meaning.  HAL/CK policies can and will be
>> customized away from the default set of rules written with a shared
>> desktop in mind.  There's no technical reason that a music server
>> daemon package for example couldn't drop in new policy that changed
>> the behavior here.  We just have to understand how to write that
>> policy file and then agree that's the sort of thing we want server
>> packages to do on install.
> I'm not convinced that anyone can deduce the behavior I want from the 
> packages that are installed.   Or even that I'd know for sure myself ahead 
> of time in all cases but I have a hard time imagining a case where I'd want 
> access cut off to an existing, running session just because someone else 
> might want to check their email on a different account and they do it from 
> a VT instead of Xnest.  Is it possible to make the rules easy to manage 
> locally - and can you have a first-served wins rule?

We had exactly the same discussion already on this ML. Please consult
the archives, instead of decreasing the signal-to-noise ration of this ml
even further.


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