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Re: thinkpad-acpi upstream version? (Revival)

On Thursday 14 February 2008 09:18:49 am Nicolas A. Corrarello wrote:
> I think there are new upstream patches for 2.6.24 and 2.6.25 rc1. Maybe
> those can be included in F9?

Yep. We're already targeting kernel 2.6.25 for F9, so you'll get that for 
free. :)

(Or did you mean additional patches that aren't yet in or going into Linus' 

> On Mon, 2008-01-28 at 08:14 +0100, Trond Danielsen wrote:
> > On Jan 11, 2008 6:42 PM, Denis Leroy <denis poolshark org> wrote:
> >  > On my T61 (Nvidia Quadro NVS-140M), suspend works, but the brightness
> > >
> > > keys and sound keys do not work. I also get the bar graph, but actual
> > > brightness doesn't change at all
> >
> > I have almost the same laptop as you (T61p), and I have the same
> > problem with the volume keys, but the brightness keys work just fine.
> > However, I have tainted my computer with the proprietary driver from
> > Nvidia, if that makes any difference...

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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