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915resolution enhancement (by SUSE)


A suggestion for the 915resolution maintainer: you may want to look
at SUSE's patches for 915resolution to support more recent Intel
chipsets.  Their src.rpm including the patches can be found at:


Their patch to support more chipsets seems to be pretty straigtforward.

Using their patched version just saved my life (well, kind of ;-))
on RHEL5, where I could get my HW config working (new G33 chipset)
with the "i810" driver on 1680x1050 after using 915resolution.

To be honest, my HW works out-of-the-box on F8 without running
915resolution, because the "intel" driver there works fine, but it's
good to have a tool like 915resolution ready for weird setups.


--    Jos Vos <jos xos nl>
--    X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV   |   Phone: +31 20 6938364
--    Amsterdam, The Netherlands        |     Fax: +31 20 6948204

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